6 Benefits To Using Stone Worktops In Your Kitchen

Considering a new worktop for your kitchen? Then you’ll likely be looking at a wide range of materials, from wood to stone and even laminate. When it comes to choosing the worktop material that best suits you however, it will all come down to what can provide you with both the function and aesthetics that you’re looking for. Ultimately, stone worktops are by far one of the most popular materials out there and for good reason – they offer not only stunning design but incredible durability and function too.

To give you a much better idea of just why a stone worktop should be your material of choice, here are 6 benefits associated with using stone worktops in your kitchen…

1. Preparation Zone

Stone is a fantastic area for preparing food on. It’s favoured by bakers thanks to it’s cool surface and with it’s usually non-porous properties, especially in quartz and professionally sealed granite worktops, it provides a very hard-wearing and hygienic surface too.

2. Serve With Ease

Stone worktops can provide an amazing serving vehicle in the sense that it’s an incredibly practical surface. As long as your marble or granite is sealed correctly, you never need to worry about spills of red wine or spaghetti bolognese as it can quite simply be wiped up without a second thought. With natural stone, you can also ensure it’s cut to your specification to ensure it provides the perfect layout for you to serve as you wish.

3. Easy Drainage

With stone worktops, made to order, you can also enjoy built in drainage that leads straight into your sink. Stone is very unique in that it can provide this function within its actual surface as opposed to other materials that require the drainage board of a sink.

4. Quick Clean Up

Thanks to their usually non-porous states, (professional quartz worktops being naturally non-porous and granite and marble becoming non-porous with professional sealant) stone worktops are actually super easy to clean. They require a simple wipe up using a cloth and warm soapy water. That’s all. With just a quick wipe up, you can avoid staining with ease and enjoy a simple, low maintenance worktop.

5. Kitchen Islands That Wow

A kitchen island very quickly becomes a centrepiece in any kitchen space and with the right stone worktop can become a real wow feature. Whether you choose to enjoy the same colour stone throughout or use a different colour entirely to highlight the area, enjoy made to measure stone that not only provides functionality but becomes a feature in the room itself.

6. Entertain

It doesn’t matter if you entertain once every few months or once a week, a stone worktop doesn’t just provide a beautiful surface on which to service to your guests but it’s incredibly practical too. From drinks being placed down on the stone to food being served and people simply leaning on and against it, stone is incredibly tough and durable and stands up to this use in the most elegant way possible.