6 Reasons Why You Can Benefit From a Loft Conversion

The loft is a room typically used for storage and tends to look crowded and messy but what if you could transform it into a new space in your property? If you would like to add a new room to your home without spending too much money then a loft conversion is your best choice. It is a great way to invest in your property while taking advantage of the space that you already have. Here are 6 reasons why you should invest in a loft conversion.

1.Increase Your Living Space

It can be quite easy to outgrow your property, whether you want a playroom or nursery for the children, or need to set up a home office, you can benefit from a loft conversion. In fact, you can transform loft space into any kind of room that you need. The alternative of course is to move home or perhaps build an extension but both these options involve spending time and money (not to mention a lot of planning). Loft conversions on the other hand are relatively easy to transform and won’t take as much time to plan as an orthodox extension.

2.Encourage Decluttering

When your loft does not have a purpose it can become the space where you dump items you want to keep but can’t bring yourself to dispose of. However, when you decide to take advantage of that valuable space for a loft conversion you will have to declutter the loft before beginning the transformation (which is going to force you to get rid of anything that no longer works or is no longer really needed).

3.It is an Easy Transformation

In comparison to creating an extension, a loft conversion and adding a dormer loft extension is a simpler and often cheaper process. You will rarely require planning permission and the process causes only minor disruption to your life (as it will normally only take between 8 to 10 weeks to be completed).

4.Increase The Value Of Your Property

A loft conversion is one of the most profitable renovations you can perform. You are adding a new room without using up your outdoor space and without spending the same amount as would be required with an extension. A loft conversion can increase the value of your house by up to 20% and make your property more attractive for potential buyers.


Loft conversions usually include large windows which mean that your new room will receive lots of natural light. One thing you need to ensure is that the room is well insulated. One way to do this is to search online for a company who can do this such as “conservatory roof insulation Essex” (replace “conservatory roof” with “loft” in this instance) so the room stays cozy in winter.

6.Enjoy Beautiful Views

Finally one great benefit of a loft conversion is better views as you will be looking out of your property from a higher point compared to the rest of the property. Often this can mean you have enhanced views of your local area.