How much value does a composite deck add to a House

A deck can increase the living space of your home. It offers you a place to bask and chill out with family and friends in a very conducive setting. Since it is more spacious than the house interior, the deck is suitable for reunion, meeting and family gatherings. Decks can also be used to grill barbecue for lunch, take a nap with the children and relax while reading magazines and novels while sipping wine.

For the above reasons, decking can dramatically boost the value of a residential property once it is up for sale. Decks are usually ‘cherry on the top’ when it comes to house aesthetics and decor. If you intend to add to your home’s curb appeal or boost your property’s resale value when it is ready for sale or enhance your family’s serenity and happiness, the decking is a great way to add to the value of your house.

Boost Curb Appeal

For your home to appeal to buyers, it must have curb appeal. A beautiful deck will spur prospective or interested buyers to visualise themselves relaxing in your home’s exquisite outdoor facilities with their loved ones. The ability to persuade your customers through the power of imagery is the key to successful home marketing. A finely designed composite decking is the key to making buyers interested in purchasing your home. Plus it will be great to have a guide on how to lay decking so they will find it easy to install.

Home buyers have a lot of options in their hands when it comes to purchasing residential property. A lot of comparison is done before making the final decisions most of the time. This is where the beauty of your home will sway them into making decisions in your favour. The key to adding aesthetic appeal to your home is through a deck. Since conducive or liveable outdoor spaces can make a difference in home purchase, constructing a deck can make your home unique and distinctive.

Increased Resale Value

What is the most affordable home improvement project you can undertake? Yes, you guess right, construction of deck. With the addition of a deck, the return on investment is as high as 85%. This will significantly improve the resale value of your home. When compared to other costly renovation projects, for instance kitchen remodel, addition of deck is almost double their investment return.

The addition of a deck for outdoor living is one of the most cost-effective remodelling projects that a homeowner can undertake. According to national averages, homeowners recoup roughly 70%-80% of the construction costs for a new deck in the resale value of their home. More expensive remodelling projects, such as a kitchen remodel or the addition of a sunroom, do not recoup nearly the amount of home value that is gained by the addition of a deck. For clarifications, the national average return on investment for a deluxe kitchen upgrade is a little above 54%

You can further increase your home resale value by combining other affordable home remodelling projects. A great example is landscaping. If done properly, landscaping can yield a very high resale value (some real estate experts predict as high as 250%!). It can also increase the functional usage of your property. To save cost, we recommend you to use the same professional in both the landscaping project and the deck construction (if possible).

Increased Comfort and Enjoyment

Few things matter more than the well-being, delight and happiness of your family and loved ones. In fact, family time is the key to creating family bonds, emotional ties and attachment. Addiction of deck can help you achieve this by improving your property’s enjoyment value. While it is true that the aim of home remodelling is to increase your home’s beauty and resale value, the contentment and enjoyment value you and your family feel is equally important. The simple truth is that your prospective buyer will consider this when inspecting your property.

Composite deck is a great way of improving the comfort and appeal of your outdoor spaces. It comes in different styles and colours, and can instil in your home an aesthetical style that will last long for years. Enhance your family’s relaxation time by building a deck today.

Composite decks are one of the most sought-after decking materials today. They are impervious to inclement weather, rot and harsh temperature. Composite decks have the benefit of low maintenance, as they will save you cost to cleanse and take care of it. They are also durable and can last for at least two decades.