How to Build Custom Windows and Decorate with Blinds

Our homes are a reflection of our personality. Whether it is bright or dark, the color scheme we choose indicates what mood we want to see or wake up to. Our furniture and their placements can represent our daily routines. The doors and windows we use show our taste. Our homes are our comfort space, and we want every little detail to be perfect. Amongst those minor details are our windows. 


Windows bring warmth to your home. It does not matter if you get up in the morning or at night; you will always want to wake up to a beautiful view. Windows make this possible for you. You feel the morning breeze, the warm sun, the fresh air, and the night chill. You also see the infrastructures, the people, and the city lights. Your window is your lens to the outside while you enjoy the comfort of being inside.


Now that we have established how important windows are, we need to know how to choose the right windows. A window that worked on the exterior of the house may not work in the garden house. So, here are the factors you should consider in choosing your windows:

  • Room Location
  • Room Size
  • Wind Direction
  • Room Utility
  • Climate Conditions 

Once you have narrowed down those factors, the process of choosing your windows will be a whole lot easier. Here are the most common types of windows and where to use them:

  • Awning Windows – Awning Windows are best for ventilation. They operate by opening out the top part, and they usually take up a lot of space, so it is not suitable for crowded places. These are also your greenhouse window opener
  • Casement Windows – Casement windows also open out and pivot from the side hinges. These primarily come in large variations because it is best used for light sources. Bedrooms and kitchens usually make use of this type. 
  • Single-hung and Double-hung Windows – These window types are also most commonly used for bedrooms. The main differentiating factor of these is the modern and classy look that it has.
  • Picture Windows – This is used in areas where ventilation is not the priority, but the view is. High-rise buildings usually make use of this because it does not open. 
  • Bay Windows – This type is most suitable for family rooms and kitchens because it provides ventilation and abstract light work. 
  • Slider Windows – These windows are usually large and can actually function as a door. They provide space, proper ventilation, a clear view, and good light sources. These are used for basements or low-grade bedrooms.


The next step in our mission to achieve the perfect windows is figuring out how to decorate them. As much as we love the warmth, we need blinds to block it out when we don’t feel like it. Blinds also contribute to the overall aesthetic of our home. Here are the best types of window blinds:

  • Acacia Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Panel Blinds
  • Total Darkness Blinds
  • Cloth Blinds

Choosing your windows is not easy and can be costly, so you have to make sure you got it all figured out. With this as your guide, you are well on your way to achieving the window of your dreams. One that you surely won’t regret.