How to Save Yourself Money When Hiring a Skip

Skip hire services are essential to get rid of the garbage on your property. A skip can remove sizeable amounts of waste, saving you time and beautifying your space.

However, the cost of skip hire can put you off this essential service. You may want to reduce the overall fee to make it affordable.

This post will help you discover helpful tips to save you some money when hiring a skip.

  1. Share the Skip

If you aren’t the only one needing or searching for “skip hire Essex”, it may be best to share a skip with a friend or neighbour. You may have concurrent needs if you renovate at the same time or the pile-up on your properties has reached alarming levels. Sharing the skip enables you to divide the cost, saving you more money than if you opted to get one alone. The partnership may even allow you to get a bigger one at a lower rate to accommodate all the additional waste.

  1. Off-Road and Not On-Road

Ensure the skip hire company can access your property ok and place the skip safely off the road. You can have it either in your yard or driveway. Keeping it off the street can save you money as you’ll avoid the skip permit required if you put it on a public road. This licence can cost between £30 and £100, depending on your local area. Keeping it on your property may also avoid the need to pay for parking.

  1. Protect Your Driveway

If the skip makes it to your driveway, protect the area from any damage. Ask the skip hire Southend company to put down proper measures to protect the driveway. You may have marks or damage if the driveway is block-paved or soft tarmac. Wooden planks on the driveway can reduce the likelihood of damage or destruction as they prevent the skip from having direct contact with the surface and spread the skip’s load. 

  1. Separate the Waste and Break Down the Bulks

You may hire a skip on a flat rate based on its size. The weight of your waste doesn’t affect the hiring fee. Squeeze more rubbish into the skip to get value for money, but fill it to the acceptable levels only. It doesn’t matter if it is light or heavy rubbish. Note the materials that cannot go into a skip as you may pay fines or extra charges if you include the excluded items without the company’s consent.

  1. Hire the Right Skip Size

Hire the right skip size to save on skip hiring costs. Choosing the right size reduces the number of trips the lorry will need to make in order to dispose of your waste. Reducing the number of trips can save you money.

  1. Fill the Skip Quickly

Make arrangements to facilitate quick parking and loading of the skip. Ensure the driveway is empty before the lorry arrives to avoid incurring a waiting charge for delaying the driver. Be around to usher in the skip and sort any issues quickly. Enlist friends’ help to fill the skip before the deadline. Operating within the agreed-upon period helps you avoid fines and more charges.

The cost of hiring a skip can be substantial if you don’t follow these tips. Use these six strategies to keep the cost of hiring a skip low.