How You Can Get the Best Brick Slip Tiling

Getting the best brick slip tiling for your property can have many benefits. For example you’ll have an elegant and durable setup that needs very little maintenance. Moreover, the contemporary and luxurious finish will give your project the wow factor when other people come and visit your home.

But how can you get the best brick slip tiling? Read this post to discover the answer….

Professional Installation

Brick slip tiling can be challenging and is not something an amateur or novice builder should look to undertake as it really needs the help of a trained professional. By avoiding professional help and “having a go yourself” you could make a costly mistake or damage the tiles yourself. In the long run the finish could be of a substandard quality which will become noticeable.


Having accepted that you will need to employ a professional bricklayer, it’s always best to shop around and get a number of quotes before you choose one particular company. You may compare the prices of several brick slip installers to discover the going rate in your local area. Remember if someone is too cheap there is probably a reason for this so do your homework when it comes to their customer satisfaction.


Brick slips are heavy and measure around 30 mm thick. Brickwork contractors will want to know in advance which brick slip tiles you have chosen before quoting for the work. In general, the heavier the tiles the more they will cost, but also consider they will likely be of a better quality than cheaper, lighter tiles.

Customer Service, Guarantees & Certification

It is absolutely essential you research each company who wishes to quote for you to ensure they are fully accredited and can offer a guarantee for their work. Have a look at what their previous customers have said about them or ask about them with your friends or on social media to gauge feedback on the quality of their work.

Your Style

Brick slip tiling should suit your own personal style and the style of your property. For example if you live in a traditional style home that does not have a contemporary look or finish then plumping for brick tiles in one room may make that room look out of kilter with the rest of the property. This can really become a problem when you want to sell the house as potential buyers will consider this an additional cost to remedy.

In summary brick slip tiling in an increasingly popular means to give an exposed brickwork feel at the fraction of the cost. However you should thoroughly do your research before choosing which company undertakes the work.