Is my house safe?

Everyone wants to live somewhere cosy, comfortable and nicely decorated. But sometimes we spend so much energy making our house look nice that we forget about it being safe. Is it easy to evacuate in an emergency? Are the doors secure? Is everything working correctly? It’s important to feel safe in our own homes, so here are some tips to ensure that your house is safe. 


Something that many people overlook is the importance of signs in our homes, especially if we’re regularly visited by families with small children. Simple things like hot taps, trip hazards or electrical appliances can be dangerous for young kids and can cause injuries. Therefore, you can ensure that your house is safe for everyone by using signs, such as those from

Working appliances

Everyone has electrical appliances in their houses these days, yet many people underestimate their powers. Electrical appliances can cause potential dangers in our homes if they malfunction, such as fires or electric shocks. Make sure you keep your electrical appliances clean and dry, and get them repaired if there are any issues. This will make them last longer, too.  

Secure doors and windows

Many people are afraid of being burgled. Not only might we lose our valuables, but we can end up feeling unsafe and on-edge in our own home. One of the best ways to prevent break-ins is having secure doors and windows. This means closing and locking windows when you go out – and having double glazing so windows are less easy to be broken. You should always have a double lock on your front door, and make sure the back door is always locked before going out. It’s also not advisable to leave keys in a “safe place” like under a matt or plant pot. Burglars will know all the tricks and you’re playing into their hands. 

Nothing on show

Another way to prevent being burgled is to keep your valuables well hidden. If you go out leaving a laptop in the window, someone could walk past and see an opportunity to break in. Likewise, hiding any sentimental valuables like jewellery will keep your mind at ease and make you feel safer.  

Locked Wi-Fi

Whilst technology makes our lives easier in many ways, it also comes with risks, such as being hacked. Now that every house has its own Wi-Fi network, it’s easy to break into systems and cause mayhem – if you know how. Prevent this kind of danger by keeping your Wi-Fi password protected, installing any anti-virus software onto your devices and using a firewall. If you’re not sure how to do any of this, ask for help in a technical store.

Well lit

Whilst you might be worrying about external dangers, you also need to consider the dangers that your own décor could create. For example, if your house isn’t well lit, you or a family member could trip or fall over things that you can’t see. Children, in particular, don’t have great depth-perception and can be clumsy. So, make sure that your house has plenty of light and that there aren’t any trip hazards.