Must Have Equipment For Creating A Home Farm In Your Garden

For a cleaner, greener, and healthier life, you should create a . Not only will you save huge sums at the supermarket, but you will also be building a haven for local wildlife and doing more than your fair share of carbon-cutting. Plants absorb a huge amount of carbon from the atmosphere, so the more, the better. Here is a quick guide to some must-have equipment that will help you get started.

Look The Part, Be The Part

Perhaps the most essential piece of equipment for doing some yard work and turning your garden into a home farm is the right clothing. Everything you need to kit out you and your loved ones are available at Screen Textiles. They have a massive range of hard wearing workwear that can keep you cool, dry, and protected. You can even find hi-vis vests there if you need one.

The Right Tool For The Right Job

To maintain your home farm, you are going to need a range of tools. To tend to the soil, you will need small hand tools like trowels, forks, shovels and spades, and of course, hoes, but do not overlook regular tools. Every home farm needs a toolbox filled with screwdrivers, hammers, spanners, and the bits and pieces they need to complete fencing and building work like screws and nails. It can be a hard life on a farm, even on a home farm, and you will be having to make all kinds of repairs along the way.

Creating Your Own Compost

Farming fresh vegetables, and even a few fruits, takes more than simply planting a seed or bulb and giving it some water. The nutrients in the soil around the roots are what make plants grow, and without them your crop will fail, and all your hard work will amount to nothing. You need a composter in your garden that can handle all your household food waste and trimmings and turn them into food for your farm. When you are planning your home farm, the composter should be top of your list and placed close to the home so you can easily deposit your scraps there.

Water Is Liquid Gold

One of the most precious resources on a home farm is water. You may think that the clouds in the sky have you covered, but your plants are thirsty and will demand a little more than rainfall can provide on most days. When you are planning your farm, you should make space for multiple water butts that can collect water for you when it rains for you to use later. Get lots of watering cans at the ready too, you can never have enough on a home farm.

Get these basics right, and you will have everything you need, apart from time and sunshine. It takes a little patience to tend to a home farm, and your hard work will not produce immediate results. Just wait a while, and before you know it, your garden will be teeming with fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs.