Thinking of Getting a Boiler Replacement? Follow This Six-Step Process

Did your boiler just breakdown? Are you looking for a boiler replacement in your region? If so, you might be looking at various boiler options available on the market. But do you know how to choose the right boiler replacement for your home? If not, don’t worry! In this blog post, we will give you a six-step process that will help you find the right boiler for your home. 

So, let’s get started. 

  • Step-1 Determine the Type of boiler you currently have

Your boiler will fall under the three categories:

  1. Combination boiler
  2. A high-pressure system with a hot water cylinder
  3. A gravity-fed system with a separate hot water cylinder. 

Unable to identify your old boiler type? Well, it can be complicated because boilers are a complex appliance that use different types of fuel. But with some salient features, you can identify the type of your old boiler. 

If your old boiler has no separate hot water cylinder and provides hot water on demand, you have a combination boiler. A gravity-fed system will look like a boiler having two tanks, namely, a hot water tank and an overflow tank. And the high-pressure unvented system is the least common of the three boilers so probably you likely won’t have this. 

  • Step-2 Boiler Replacement Decision

If you are getting a new boiler installation, make sure you have made the right replacement decision. The final decision will be affected by different factors. These factors include the following:

  1. Your satisfaction with your current boiler system
  2. The difficulty level of upgrading to a condensing boiler
  3. Solar heating option
  4. The number of parts that needed to be changed while upgrading to your central heating system.
  5. Budget available for a new boiler 

If your old boiler is a combination boiler, getting a combi boiler replacement will be the best option. This will reduce the number of changes needed. When a buyer approaches boiler replacement, a gravity-fed system is never the best option as it will need two separate tanks. However, if you need a gravity-fed system installed you can choose a system boiler. 

  • Step-3 Choosing Condensing or Non-Condensing Boilers

So, when you are looking for a new boiler, you need to choose between a non-condensing or condensing boiler.

A condensing boiler, has been the most popular boiler on the market since 2003 due to its efficiency and fuel usage. This requires an external drain with an insulated drainage pipe, condensate pump, and might need repositioning. 

  • Step-4 Solar Power Heating

Are you replacing a hot water cylinder? Well, getting solar power heating will be beneficial for you. You can attach the twin-coil cylinder to the solar panel. The solar panel will generate electricity that can be used for running your boiler. In summer, it would be pretty effortless however, in winter you might need to run it using an external source. 

  • Step-5 Boiler Installation company and time 

The next step you need to think about is a boiler installation. This will include the date and time you would be comfortable getting a new installation. You need to determine which company to choose for  a boiler installation. 

You need to consider the proficiency of your boiler engineer so that you can get the best and most certified installers. We suggest looking at Boiler Choice for any boiler replacements in Birmingham or the west midlands. They offer upfront free quotes and have outstanding reviews.  Their team has created a simple questionnaire that will allow you to narrow down your boiler options and help you make a wise decision.

  • Step-6 Boiler Costs

Lastly, you also need to consider the boiler costs. This will depend on the type of boiler you need and the brand you choose. The basic boiler installation price is around ₤2000. If you buy a boiler independently, the lowest price you could get is ₤500. This is at the very low end of the market, so quality will likely be poor.

But if you choose leading boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch, the boiler prices start from more than ₤800 up to ₤5,500. Apart from buying the boiler independently at that price, you will also have to spend an additional ₤1000 for installation service from an engineer. You need to consider the overall costs to make an informed decision.