Tools that will help you to be a better student

Students have to work hard to succeed. Educational standards have improved and a much higher percentage of people in the world are taking degree courses. So, you have to work smart as well as hard to get a mark that ensures you will stand out from the crowd.

There are many things you can do to give you the edge. One of which is using the right writing tools. This is especially important for students who are taking courses where a significant percentage of their final mark is reliant on their written work.

A decent plagiarism checker

These days virtually all top-end educational institutions use plagiarism-checkers, especially Turnitin. It is so popular that students have become aware of the software and would like to use it themselves to check their work before handing it in. So much so that many students ask the firm that created the software, can you use Turnitin for free?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. They only sell it to universities and other educational institutions. But, what every student can do is to put their important papers through a plagiarism checker. Doing this greatly reduces the chances of their paper being rejected or marked down because it looks like they have copied the work of others. 

The best ones pick up all kinds of plagiarism. If you have inadvertently ended up only lightly rewording something you have read, that will be picked up. Thus, enabling you to correct that issue and improve your paper while doing so. It is wise to choose a plagiarism checker that uses the biggest possible database. Doing so greatly increases of all potential issues being picked up. 

A text editor

Being able to write fast, pick up mistakes and enrich what you write will help you to produce better work. So, it is really worth investing in a good editor app.

There are several available. You can find out about 13 of them here. If you have a Mac take a look at Refly first. It is cutting edge and includes features like automatic image selection that most other editors do not have.

Create a distraction-free place to work in

To be able to produce the best work you have to focus. Something that is easier said than done in today’s world. We live in a noisy, crowded environment that is full of things that are designed to get our attention. You need to be aware of this and work to counter that by creating a distraction-free working environment, wherever you are.

Being able to sit down during your lunch break or while waiting for public transport and be able to study productively is important. All of those micro study sessions add up to hundreds of hours. So, it really is worth revising, whenever you have a few spare minutes, instead of watching YouTube.

A good pair of noise-canceling headphones will help. Turning your phone off and using timer software that forces you not to look up from what you are doing for 15 minutes can also prove effective. But, the best approach is to seek out public places like these relatively quiet spots to study in.