What is the average cost of replacing a window?

Replacing your windows can improve the look and value of your home as well as increasing its energy efficiency and security. Although it can be expensive to replace every window in your property, the benefits outlined above can make it well worth the money you invest.

What is the cost of replacing a window?

The cost of replacing your windows will depend upon several different factors including the style, the materials used and the size of each window. For a standard-size, double-sided, 2-pane, single opener ‘A’ Rated White uPVC window, expect to pay an average of between £550 and £650, including VAT and installation.  For an average three bedroomed semi-detached house with 8 windows, this would mean the cost of replacing all the windows would be between £4,400 and £5,200 (although this can vary according to the size of the windows). Obviously, if you are adding new windows or increasing the size of existing ones there will be additional building work, and this will cost more. 

Why should I replace my windows?

Obviously, if you have a window that is damaged, you will need to replace it. However, if you are considering replacing all your windows this can be quite expensive. Still, there are several reasons why you might consider replacing your windows…

  • Energy efficiency – Modern windows tend to be more energy efficient than older ones so replacing your windows should help to reduce your energy bills. This will be good for your wallet as well as the environment.
  • Security – Old or damaged windows can be a security risk whereas new windows will be more secure. In addition new windows can also reduce the cost of your home insurance.
  • Property value – Installing new windows and doors can increase the value of your home.
  • Improving the look –  New windows are one of the most dramatic ways to improve the look of your home. With a variety of styles and materials available its easy to give your house a whole new look

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What do I need to consider when buying new windows?

There are several things to consider when choosing your new windows.

  • Material – Whilst uPVC windows are the most common and cost-effective material to choose you can also have wooden or metal windows if desirable. However, if your house is listed or you live in a conservation area there may be restrictions on the style of windows you can install
  • Number of openers – As a general rule of thumb the cheaper the window the less number of openers it will have. However, while you may want to keep costs down, consider the benefit of having two small opening windows at the top so that you can let in the fresh air whilst still feeling safe and secure
  • Style – You will want to choose a style of window that complements your home’s existing architecture. For example, uPVC windows can be made in a style that replicates original sash windows in their appearance. In addition, you can also choose features such as leaded glass to replicate the architectural style and period of your home
  • Colour– uPVC is not just available in white as you can also choose coloured or woodgrain options if that is your preference

All new windows are extremely energy efficient. However, some are even better than the standard types. If this is important to you, choose windows with a higher energy efficiency rating. The rating system works from A to A+++. Whilst the most energy efficient windows involve a higher initial outlay, they will save a considerable amount of money on heating bills over their lifetime.

Who should I hire to fit the windows?

You can buy windows from a supplier and then fit them yourself. Another option is to buy the windows yourself and then pay a builder to install them for you. However, most people tend to choose a specialist window company to supply and fit their windows. For an average sized house, the job can be completed in less than a day.

What should I consider when choosing a window fitter?

You should follow the below advice when hiring someone to fit your new windows…

Get several quotes – Prices can vary considerably so you may want to ask family and friends for recommendations. Make sure each quote is for the same number, style and finish of windows. Also, check that the disposal of the old windows is included in the price

Check what’s included in the price – Make sure you check that the price quoted covers supply, fitting and removal of old windows as well a warranty on the new windows

Take your time – Never feel pressured to decide right away even if you are offered special deals. Take your time to make the right decision and choose a company you feel comfortable with


Replacing your windows is one of the most effective ways of updating the look of your home. No matter what else you do, shabby windows will always make your house look untidy. Added to this is the fact that the increased security and energy efficiency you will obtain from installing new windows will hopefully make it a job well worth doing.