What’s the average cost of an orangery?

Installing an orangery can add a warm, bright and sophisticated space to your home. Orangeries are also sturdy structures that provide a year-round addition to your home that is more usable than a lean-to or a conservatory. Filled with comfortable seating and exotic plants, an orangery can also offer you a slice of tropical warmth even in the bleakest of winters.

Why choose an orangery?

Orangeries are more substantial than conservatories and will last for as long as your home does. They are built of brick and usually have a well-made, engineered lantern roof. As well as lasting longer, orangeries are more energy efficient. They stay warm in winter and do not get unusably hot in the summer months.

How much will an orangery cost?

Orangeries are more expensive than conservatories because they are more substantially built structures. A small orangery may easily cost £20,000 though they may be built for as little as £10,000 depending on the size of the structure and the building materials used. However, they will last longer than a conservatory, provide more useful living space and add significant value to your home.

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How can I keep the cost of my orangery down?

If you are on a limited budget, an orangery may be constructed for as little as £8,000. Money can be saved by using a timber construction rather than brick and by utilising materials such as PVC or aluminium for windows rather than hardwood. This will mean that the structure is not quite as sturdy and long-lasting, however, it will provide you will a light, warm, usable space at a lower cost.

Why is it worth spending more?

However, if you want a structure that will add considerable value and last as long as your home does then you may want to consider going for a higher quality building. By using brick and quality hardwood your orangery will last for decades or even centuries. In addition, the usability and finish of your orangery will be greater than that of a cheaper alternative. Moreover compared with an orthodox house extension, a high spec. orangery will still work out much cheaper. For example, a well-built 4m x 4m structure using brick and hardwood will cost around £20,000 which is half the price of a comparably sized extension. 

What do I need to consider when buying an orangery?

Before buying an orangery you should think about each of the following factors…

Orangery rooves – The roof of an orangery is one of its most beautiful and defining features. While a conservatory may have a pitched roof made of cheap materials, an orangery has a lantern roof that is costlier due to the engineering and materials required. This roof will also feature plenty of roof vents which will make your orangery usable even on hot summer days.

Orangery windows – The windows you choose will affect the look of your orangery as well as its durability. Hardwood windows look elegant and last for years, however, PVC or aluminium are cheaper alternatives. You may also want to consider adding features such as bi-fold doors to allow you to open up your space to the garden.

Heating your orangery – Heating is another important consideration in your orangery. An orangery is well insulated, and heat will not be lost as easily as in a lean-to or conservatory. However, a source of heating, such as radiators or underfloor heating will allow you to be comfortably warm in your new space all year round.


Orangeries are a quality addition to your home that can add significant value. More importantly, they can add to your quality of life by creating extra space, light and a connection with nature that you can enjoy all year round. Whether on a warm summer evening or a chilly winter morning, your orangery can provide you with a touch of tropical luxury all year round.