How Much Does it Cost to Build a Flat-Pack Extension?

Pretty much every homeowner at one point or another will crave more space in their property. Sometimes this will involve selling your current home and up sizing to a new, bigger property. That said, moving house isn’t cheap when you consider you will have to incur costs for removals, solicitors and stamp duty to name but a few.

This considered, you may find it cheaper and easier to extend your current property rather than move to a new one. Home extensions not only offer more space, but can often boost the value of your property in excess of the amount you spent on the renovation work. However, extensions are not cheap in themselves, so further savings can be sought by opting for a flat-pack extension, rather than paying for traditional bricks and mortar.

How much will it cost me to build a flat-pack extension?

For a one-storey flat pack extension of around 25 square metres you would be looking at costs of around £25,000 and £35,000. It must be noted however that this price does not include other costs including painting, flooring and lighting. If this still seems like a lot of money, it is worth noting that a flat pack extension will be around 25% cheaper compared with an orthodox bricks and mortar extension of the same size.

What are the benefits?

One major benefit of having a flat-pack extension is the only on-site work to be completed is really just digging the foundations and the connecting the utilities. The rest can be manufactured off-site and then delivered directly to your property, ready to be assembled by a builder. Another plus point is there will also be far less disruption to your everyday living, meaning you can avoid the inconvenience of having builders on-site for a prolonged period.

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Modern Prefabricated Flat-packs

A popular misconception of flat-pack properties is that they are rather unsightly and not well insulated. That may have been the case in the past, but nowadays modern technology has meant that flat-pack extensions come with sound proofing, insulation, and temperature control built in.

Other factors you need to consider

Here are some other points you need to consider when deciding what your potential budget will be….

  • Structural Alterations – Remember it’s not just the extended space you need you think about as your current property may require some structural changes. For example, removing current supporting walls may require the installation of an RSJ. Or, if the space where you intend to create your additional space is uneven, you may need to pay for a builder to level the ground
  • Building Costs – Although building costs are cheaper with a flat-pack extension, you will still need to pay to dig and excavate the foundations as well as plumbing, electrical and gas installation, depending on which utilities you will require
  • Auxiliary Costs – There are always some additional costs associated with any building work, for example skip hire or buying paint so that your extended space matches the rest of the property
  • Fit out and decorating – New living space will undoubtedly mean buying new furniture, new flooring and new light fittings etc. Although this will not impact on the overall building costs, they should be considered when deciding on your total renovation budget

Other options

If you have a limited budget but crave that additional space then there are some other options available. These include…

  • Glass Extensions – These can be a stylish addition to your property and are great in the summer as they let plenty of light into your home. Unlike with a conservatory, a glass extension will be frameless and come with large glass panels, creating and modern and sleek finish.
  • Timber Extensions – A timber extension will typically cost around £1300 per square metre for a single storey, but again the total price will depend on the size of the area you want to extended into. For example, for those who want a two-storey extension, the price will rise by about 150%

In Summary

You may not have even considered a flat-pack extension but if you are on a tight budget, they could be the perfect way to create that much needed extra living space. Moreover, modern technology means that if you do opt for a flat-pack extension, you can enjoy all the advantages of a traditional brick extension without the associated disruption and cost.