How to design the perfect front garden

Designing a front garden is no easy task. It’s also often overlooked as a priority when considering outdoor space, which is why we are going to show you how to design the perfect front garden with the help of a garden designer in Essex.

Consider the ground

If you have a large enough front garden you could consider putting in a patio. For that of course you would need to lay paving slabs and we would suggest using granite as it’s long lasting and won’t fade over time compared to cheaper alternatives. For people who are not DIY experts, you can order your paving slabs from online and then look for a landscape gardener or local DIY person to help you concrete them in.

Plant some trees

Planting a tree in the front garden will create a natural divide between your home and the pavement area. If you have a big garden, make sure the tree is not close enough to block access to the road in years to come. Consider planting an apple tree if you are planning on growing fruit or a weeping willow which can bring character to any garden. If you need further help with this search online for “garden design essex” (if you are in the Essex area)


When considering what decorations to include in your front garden, think about your own personal style and taste. If you are going for a modern and contemporary look, consider whether you want to go for glass ornaments or something similar. For a more traditional look, think about whether you want a statue or something more rustic like a bird bath (which can also be used as a water feature). If you need more space you could also construct a garden annex, although this would only be suitable if your front garden was heavily secluded.

Garden furniture

Garden furniture is another important feature to consider when designing your ideal front garden. If you are lucky enough to have a large front space, you can create a small seating area by placing a table and chairs which would be perfect for relaxing in the summer.

Create a water feature

Water features can be very calming and relaxing. There are a few options here such as an actual pond (which will require more maintenance) or you can instead have a small fountain which will create a relaxing trickling sound for you to enjoy. Either way, having a water feature in your front garden will almost certainly add character to your space and may make it stand out from other properties in the local area.


Plants are the finishing touch to any garden design whether in the front or back. You could plan your design around a colour palette and get plants that correspond to that color. If that does not appeal to you then consider using really bright colours and this will really create the wow factor.