How to purchase a VPN

Are you using a VPN? The truth is if you’re using the internet – and let’s face it, who isn’t – you should be using one every time you connect. When we jump online, whether we’re shopping for groceries, checking our social media, streaming the latest movies or boxsets or we’re working from home, we’re consistently sharing information with other online parties and as our data moves across the internet, hackers and malicious individuals have full visibility of all your personal information, including your IP address which can be used to target you specifically.

It’s a worrying and intrusive concept. Which is precisely why you should be using a VPN (check out here). If you’re unsure of how to purchase a VPN or what to look for, then you’re in luck. Read on for your guide to purchasing a VPN.

Understand how it works

It’s not easy to know which provider to go with if you’re not entirely sure what you’re purchasing. In simple terms, a VPN encrypts all your online data, and instead of allowing your data to travel across the internet with high visibility, a VPN creates a secure and private connection ensuring hackers and cybercriminals can’t intercept or gain access to your personal data. Also, instead of using your IP address, you’ll be connected to the IP address of the VPN server, so your location and IP address will also be hidden and untraceable. Giving you total peace of mind, whether you’re sending emails, online banking or browsing the internet.

Understand why you need one

There are hundreds of VPN providers out there, so finding the right one can feel a little overwhelming. Understanding why you need a VPN is essential for the purchasing process. When it comes to VPN it isn’t a case of one size fits all! What kind of features are you looking for and why do you need it specifically?

Are you someone who travels a lot and regularly relies on public WI-FI? If so, you’ll need one that offers reliable protection across the world, to keep your personal information safe from hackers and cybercriminals. Maybe you’re someone who loves streaming movies and TV? If so, a VPN with high connection speeds is certainly a feature you should consider. If you’re someone who wants to view movies or content from other countries, then without a VPN you may struggle to connect to the relevant servers, a VPN connection means you can connect to servers anywhere in the world, freeing up more sites and content than ever before. Giving you full access to streaming services in other countries.

And finally, remember to avoid free versions

If something is too good to be true, it usually is. And the same logic often applies to a free VPN. While these seem like good interim options while you make a final decision, you should exercise caution. Not all free VPNs offer the full protection and encryption protections of traditional VPN providers, you may also find yourself the target of malware and hackers. Remember, the safety of your online data, protection from cybercriminals, complete online anonymity and a lack of geographical restrictions is worth the investment.