How to save money on heating bills this winter

Winter is upon us, with temperatures already having fallen to below freezing for much of the UK and Ireland. And when we start to feel the chill the inevitable consequence is the need to use the heating more frequently in order to keep nice and cosy on those cold winter nights. Of course with greater usage comes greater costs, and it is noticeable just how much your heating bill starts to rocket in the winter months. So what can you do to try and keep your bill under control?

Here are 5 steps you can take…

Turn the thermostat down 

It sounds obvious but adjusting your thermostat slightly will save you money over the course of a year. It can be tempting when you get home to whack up the temperature in order to make yourself warm as soon as possible. However, remember you don’t need to be walking around in a t shirt and shorts – so trial your home at one degree lower than normal and see how you get on.

Improve insulation

One way to keep warm is to let less heat escape in the first place. Home insulation including cavity and roof insulation is not cheap as there is a substantial upfront cost associated with these options. However in the long term it should save you a significant amount of money on your heating bill.

Boiler Service

Another way to save money is to ensure your boiler is regularly serviced (check out this guide from An inefficient boiler could really be costing you, not to mention the safety risks. You may find that it makes more sense to have the boiler replaced. Although this also has a high upfront cost in the long term you will save money. Moreover, some schemes allow you to pay for the new boiler over a longer period. 

Wear more layers

Many of us may remember our parents saying “put a jumper” on when bemoaning having to put the heating on. However layering up is sound advice in terms of keeping your heating bill down. Jumpers, blanks, onesies, slippers can really help, even if it delays the time when you have to put the heating on.

Get a smart energy app

By wonder of technology we can control almost anything these days using a smart app and heating is no different. There are a number of providers to choose from that will allow you to turn your heating on and off (as well as adjust the temperature) via your mobile phone. Perfect if you forgot to turn the heating off or if you are too hot in bed etc.