What to Do with Old, Bulky Electronics

It’s absolutely amazing how much electronic devices have evolved. They’ve become smaller and smaller with each passing year as well as flat. They’re easy to carry around, even if it was a rather large TV. Only if it’s a mega flat-screen TV you’d need the assistance of a helping hand. Despite its low weight, it’s just impractical to handle by only one person. But what are you going to do with those old and bulky electronics? You can’t simply bin them. Don’t forget you can get in touch with the professionals for further advice on furniture removal at any time.

Decorative Art

Some of those old and bulky electronics have such a fantastic retro look, they’d be awesome as a decorative item. Then again, as large as they are, they do take up quite a lot of space. Hence it’d be an idea to come up with some upcycling ideas.

For instance, you can turn an old monitor into a cat cave. Simply remove the electronics inside that bulky computer monitor as well as the screen. Place a pillow inside of it and there you go. You could keep the screen for another decorative idea and use it for a picture frame you build yourself. Another option would be to use the screen for a window of a shed or cabin you’re building. The torn-out electronics you might be able to sell at a recycling centre. It’d save you the worry about arranging removal for electronics.

Depending on the size of your old electronic device you could also consider using it as a basis for a side table. Just put a glass pane on top of it or a sheet of wood. Keep in mind, you could also paint with chalk paint, for example. Chalk paint can be used on all sorts of surfaces without the need of applying primer.

Let your creativity flow!


Consider Selling It To Collectors

There are many people out there who are collecting old electronics. We don’t need to understand their reason. One person enjoys collecting stamps and the other one old radios. Moreover, some people find it hard to catch up with new tech and feel more comfortable with an old device. At best, your old and bulky electronics should still be functional. If not, they’re really only an item for a collector who likes to have several old models.

Take advantage of online platforms like craigslist or kijiji. You might be lucky with buy and sell groups on social media or give it a go at ebay. Ebay might actually be the best option in this case as people can check for collector’s items nationwide. 

Alternatively, you could attempt to contact museums specialising in old electronics or a second-hand store. Collectors often browse consignment shops and alike.

Donate It To A Charity

There are tons of charities out there who don’t only take old clothes or books, but also furniture and electronics. The Goodwill, Salvation Army or also AMVETS would be good places to start. They’re selling donations at their consignment shops to gather funds for job training and therapy programs for those in need.

In most cases, a charity would be able to pop around and pick up all of your old electronics. Since the really old electronics were built into furniture, it’d be a furniture removal. You’ll only need to look out that your old electronics still work. Some charities don’t accept items that require repairs. Just check with them if they’d generally be interested in your old electronics. Should they be unable to collect your items, you might be lucky with a service. Removal services sometimes offer a free collection of donation items. You’ll only have to tell them to which charity they’re supposed to bring it.


Anything Can Be Recycled – Almost

Not just old furniture is usually recycled, but also electronics. In fact, there are special facilities taking care of recycling electronics. No matter if you want to let go of your old electronics as a whole or ripped out all the electrical stuff from its encasement. Similarly like charities, the collection of such bulky electronics would be classified as removal. Depending on how much your materials are, the furniture removal could even be for free. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a dime on top of it. 

Before you have a team from the recycling center come around, check with them first for a rough estimate and if they’d really take your electronics. They usually do, but it’s best to ask in advance instead of them having to leave empty-handed – and you’re still left with those bulky things.


Furniture Removal Services Also Take Electronics

Did you know professional furniture removal services take care of E-waste, too? Well, not all of them do, but most are. You’ll only have to contact them and before you know it, they’re already at your doorstep. All you have to do is to contact them to schedule a collection. You don’t have to haul those heavy electronics out to your curb. It’s illegal in many areas anyway. The professional team happily comes into your house and hauls it all out from where it sits. Just point your finger and worry no more about the heavy lifting. They know how to handle the extra bulky and heavy stuff safely without leaving behind damages – or hurting themselves.

The best part of a professional service is that they will always try to donate electronics. As they can’t be discarded in a landfill, they will also take care of the recycling. Picking up E-waste is one of their main areas with removal as the usual dumpsites don’t take electronics. That’s why you will unlikely be fortunate enough to discard it via the municipal dumpsite. Of course, it will cost you a small fee, but at least you’ll have the furniture removal for electronics dealt with by experts.

Parting Words On Furniture Removal

If you’re already arranging a furniture removal for bulky electronics, why not consider letting go of bulky old furniture, too? So do your research, and pick the best option for your