3 things to look for before hiring a new plumber

Hiring a new plumber might not feel like a big deal, but it’s absolutely something that you need to get right. Not only can the wrong plumber end up costing you extra money and damaging your home, but they could also potentially put your life at risk through gas leaks and the like.

To help you in your search to find the perfect plumber, we’ve put together our top 3 things to look out for. From registration on the relevant registers to checking which services they offer, here are our top tips to perfect your search.


Arguably the most important thing to do when looking for a new plumber is to check that they have the proper certification. They’ll literally be working on your gas system, and we don’t need to point out how dangerous things could be if they got it wrong. Not only that, if their work resulted in a slow water leak, it could do irreparable damage to your home.

It’s pretty easy to check what certifications people have in the UK nowadays. All plumbers need to be listed on the Gas Safe Register, and it doesn’t take long to check at all.


Whether you’re looking at a larger service provider like Able Plumbing Solutions or a smaller, independent plumbing service, it’s crucial that you check out their reviews. Even if they’re registered with the relevant associations and are totally competent from a technical point of view, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to provide you with a perfect service.

You need to make sure that they’re punctual, reliable, and that they have good customer service. It’s important that they’re transparent from a financial perspective as well, so that you can be sure they don’t rip you off. All of these things should be clear in their reviews, if you can find them on their Google business page or social media.

Services offered

Lastly, there are a lot of different services that plumbers offer, and you want to make sure that the provider you go with offers all the services that you need help with. Even if you just need help with a leaky sink or tap at the moment, it’s very possible that you’ll need something more complicated like a boiler service in the future, and it’s best if one provider can take care of all of those issues. Going back to our first thing to look out for, you also need to make sure that they’re fully certified to work with different parts of your plumbing system, including both gas and water.

If you can take care of these three crucial checks, you should be able to end up with a competent, certified plumber who provides exemplary and reliable service. Once you’ve found a plumber that meets these criteria, you should be able to benefit from their services for years to come, significantly reducing the worry associated with boiler issues and other plumbing errors.

Modern Loft Ideas to Suit Every Need

One of the most practical ways to add more space to your home is to add a loft conversion. Not only will the extension create more room, but it can also increase the value of your home by between 10 and 20 percent. The cost of installing a loft conversion can range from £2,000 to £40,000, depending on the size of your loft and the materials that you want to use. The size of your loft area matters too as you need to make sure it has a minimum height of 2.3 metres before you can start major construction work.

Once you’ve got all the basics figured out, you can focus on what the loft will actually function as. It can be an extra bedroom, an office, or even a luxury bathroom. Here are some of the best modern loft designs you can choose from:

A chic and minimalist loft office

Who doesn’t love the idea of working while natural light pours in from a roof window? Plus, you get a whole room for yourself without worrying about the people passing by and distracting you every hour or so. Homify has a beautiful layout that you can copy—you don’t even need much, just a nice desk and some storage for your paperwork.

An extra bedroom

Don’t sacrifice precious garden space to create a new bedroom—transform your loft instead. You just need to make sure the ceiling’s height is high enough and there is enough storage space, ventilation and lighting. You could even opt for built-in storage to make it even more spacious and inviting. Ideal Home lists the many different designs you can opt for that can make your new bedroom feel romantic, rustic or family friendly depending on your personal taste. This option is perfect if you’re looking to create a room for guests to stay in.

A luxury bathroom

It may sound a bit over-the-top, but a luxury loft bathroom with a view of the night sky may just prove the little luxury you enjoy most, especially if you spend long hours at work each day. The little corners of your loft may serve as the perfect place to install either a built-in bath or a toilet. Moreover, if your loft has an alcove area, you could put the bath in there to create a cosy and enclosed area for bathing.

When it comes to your toilet and how to properly position it, this does depend on the existing position of your drainage system as well as the waste pipes. You can however make ceiling alterations in the event of you needing to install new pipes. The design of your toilet and bath will also make a huge impact on the overall feel of the room. The various bathroom toilets listed on Screwfix demonstrate the different designs available, with most modern toilets coming with dual flush features to help save on water bills. New square toilet designs also complement tight spaces without compromising comfort and ease of use.

A playroom for the kids

You could also turn your loft into a playroom. This would also make your life easier as a parent if your kids only “make a mess” in one part of the house. All their toys can be put upstairs so none of them are scattered around your home. It will also give you some peace and quiet during the weekend.

A meditation room

Speaking of peace, since your loft will be highest room in your home, it can also be the most serene — far away from any distractions and noise. And for those who take part in classes each week a converted loft area would make the perfect place in the house for yoga and meditation practice. The key would be to keep the room simple and uncluttered. You could also surround yourself with your favourite scents or play some ambient music or white noise. All you need are some good quality rugs and meditation cushions.


If you’re still not sure about whether you should convert your loft or not, try weighing up the pros and cons. Ask yourself these questions – will it make my home more spacious? Will it be a very useful addition to my house? Will it increase the value? As well as these ponderables you also need to make sure you follow building regulations before making any changes. For example, you need to make sure there is room below for a fixed ladder or a spiral staircase, as it’s required by law before you can turn an loft area into a bedroom, playroom, bathroom, or office.